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Canopus Software Systems's BPM services help you to improve your business operations by connecting people, processes, and information systems into easily managed applications

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Get trained on SIEMEN'S PLM software by industry professionals with strong experience.

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) can be defined as an IT strategy, as it builds a coherent data structure by consolidating systems. PLM can also be defined as an Enterprise strategy, as it lets global organizations work as a single team to Innovate, Design, Produce, Support, Maintain and Retire products, while capturing best practices and lessons learned along the way.

At Canopus, we see it as a comprehensive approach to Innovation built on Enterprise-wide access to a common repository of product information and processes.

PLM software allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from ideation, design and manufacture, through service and disposal. Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-aided engineering (CAE), product data management (PDM) and Digital Manufacturing (DM) converge through PLM as it drives top-line revenue from repeatable processes. By providing the application depth and breadth needed to digitally author, validate and manage the detailed product and process data, PLM supports continuous innovation.


  • Automotive
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Electronics & High-Tech
  • Aerospace


  • Consulting
  • Automation
  • Implementation, Upgrade & Migration
  • Customization
  • Adoption & Support
  • Training