Business Process Management

Achieve Performance excellence through BPM Bonita

Nowadays, processes become critical success factor in every organization. Organizations are looking to restructure themselves into process and customer oriented organization. Well managed and optimized processes shapes organization culture and perception of customers. Optimized processes help in minimizing the operational cost while increasing process efficiency and improving performance.
Business Process Management(BPM) improves business operations by connecting people, processes, and information systems into easily managed applications.
Combining the technology, functional expert, proven methodologies and experienced resources,Canopus provide end to end BPM solution and services as per customer need.

BPM helps in real time Business Collaboration. It enables process to run across multiple organizations, across multiple products like SAP \ PLM \ ERP \ Other Legacy systems.

BPM Services:

Strategy & Business Consulting

Proof of Concept
Platform installation
(standard or custom)
BPM Architecture Assistance
Process Modeling Assistance
Development Assistance
Technical Expertise

BPM Application Implementation

Validate system components
Install / configure Java and AS
Install, configure and validate Bonita SP components
Migrate existing processes and their instances
Validate existing processes

BPM Application Modeling & Development

BPMN2 process modeling
Import and export process models
Decision tables o Documentation generation
Complex data management
Profile management

BPM Application Development

Bonita BPM Studio
Bonita BPM Portal
Bonita BPM Engine

BPM Application Support & Training

Process Modeling
Business Process Application Development
Advanced Integration
Bonita BPM 6 Upgrade Customer Support portal

Our Approach

Our BPM framework offers an approach to improve business processes. We use a holistic view wherein BPM activities aim to make business processes more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.
Striving towards continuous improvement is one of the driving factors behind our BPM Solution. This critical success factor is facilitated by our project management services which guide our clients from the beginning till the end of the BPM program.
Canopus will work with you collaboratively to realize the benefits of BPM implementation within your organization in no time. We have the unique combination of subject matter experts, pool of experienced resources assuring you to deliver the project within time and surpassing your expectation.

Value Propositions

Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost
Increased customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market for products and services
Continuous process improvement
Greater team satisfaction as collaboration and best practices are improved
Full transparency of all activities across the team and organization
Improved customer retention levels with the help of effective business processes

About Bonitasoft

BonitaSoft is the leading provider of open source business process management (BPM)
software. Created in 2009 by the founders of the Bonita project, BonitaSoft is
democratizing the use of BPM in companies of all sizes with an intuitive and
powerful solution at an optimum cost.

How will it solve your problem?

  • Human Resources Open or Close

    Human Resources

    HR managers are under more scrutiny than ever before, and need to ensure that processes are efficiently managed and measured.

    •    Recruitment and Selection
    •    Employee Onboarding
    •    Employee Leave Management

  • IT Management Open or Close

    IT Management

    Ensuring the technology resources of an organization are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities is the key responsibility of IT managers.

    •    Incident Management
    •    IT Help Desk
    •    360 Customer support
    •    Roadmap management

  • Quality Management Open or Close

    Quality Management

    Becoming a true process-driven organization is key to achieving the highest standards of operational performance and customer satisfaction.

    •    Governance (Process Improvement)
    •    Claims Management
    •    Certification
    •    360 Customer support
    •    Roadmap management

  • Corporate Finance Open or Close

    Corporate Finance

    Whether you are a CFO, controller, purchasing manager, or accountant, financial processes are essential for the proper management of your organization.

    •    Purchase Order Validation
    •    Invoice Validation
    •    Request for Proposal
    •    Certification
    •    Travel Request
    •    Travel Expenses
    •    Expenditure Authorization Level
    •    Budgeting process
    •    Procure To Pay
    •    Roadmap management
    •    Sales quota setting

  • Customer Experience Open or Close

    Customer Experience

    Master the new challenges of multi-channel customer relationship. Optimize each stage of the customer experience.

    •    Claims Management
    •    Incident Management
    •    360 Customer support

  • Banking and Insurance Open or Close

    Banking and Insurance

    As service offers grow in banking and insurance, quality assurance and risk management are becoming more critical.

    •    Claims Management
    •    Loan approval

  • Public Sector Open or Close

    Public Sector

    Improve public satisfaction, provide a single point of entry for users, simplify daily work for your staff, and quickly adapt to changes in legislation.

    •    Request for Proposal
    •    Expenditure Authorization Level
    •    Budgeting process
    •    Procure To Pay
    •    Advanced web forms 

  • Universities Open or Close


    In today’s competitive environment, offer the best education and research environment possible while optimizing costs.

    •    Certification
    •    Budgeting process